Sous Vide temperatures and times I used.

This page just holds some of my sous vide things I tried.

The 13 minutes egg at 75 C was very good.

The “Top Sirloin Steak” sous vide at 132 F for 15 hours and finished off on the grills sear unit was very tender and good. Also very good after just 6 hours at 140 F.

The “chicken breast” sous vide at 144 F for 3 hours.

The “country ribs beef” sous vide at 150 F for 48 hours.

The “Pork Tenderloin” sous vide at 144F for 3 hours.

The “Pork Loin” sous vide at 140F for 5 hours.

Beef round roast at 140 F for 11 hours has a tender apprentice.

Pork ribs at 144 F for 48 hours. 

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